The Tofino Destination Management Association, also known as Tourism Tofino, is Tofino's official not-for-profit destination marketing and management organization. It works in partnership with over 250 businesses and the local government.

Tourism Tofino is governed by its members through an elected volunteer Board of Directors.   It is contracted by the District of Tofino to provide visitor services and destination marketing, programs and projects.  View the 2017-2022 District of Tofino service delivery agreement with Tourism Tofino and the Tourism Tofino Bylaws.


To deliver sustainable growth for our members that contributes economic and social benefits for our community.


Tofino is deeply respected and sought out for the transformative experience of oneness.

board of directors

Strong leadership and guidance is provided to Tourism Tofino by its 13-member Board of Directors, representing a broad spectrum of Tofino's tourism industry. These board members volunteer their time and contribute extensive knowledge and experience to ensure that the organization is supported by its members, transparent and effective.

  • Secretary-Treasurer: vacant
  • Director:  Ryan Orr
    Pacific Rim Navigators
  • Director:  Dave Tovell
    Pacific Rim National Park Reserve



  • Executive Director: Brad Parsell (he/him)
    250.800.7380  ext. 101
    Contact the Executive Director to: Discuss Tourism Tofino’s strategic plan and annual tactical plan, destination marketing and management ideas, suggestions and concerns,  industry trends, statistics and research, and anything related to the operation and activities of Tourism Tofino.
  • Financial Administrator: High Tide Bookkeeping
    Contact to: Ask questions related to your invoice, follow up on payment, and answer any accounting/finance related questions.
  • Marketing Manager: Samantha Fyleris (she/her)
    250.800.7380 ext. 103
    Contact Samantha to: Inquire about the marketing plan, leisure advertising, social media and content strategies and to discuss new and noteworthy happenings in Tofino and area for promotion.
  • Travel Media Relations & Business Development: Danielle Fox (she/her)
    250.800.7380 ext. 109
    Contact Danielle to: Inquire about meetings, travel trade and group bookings and/or set up media visits to Tofino, fact checking and requests for assets for publication. Learn about opportunities for members to become involved in Tourism Tofino’s travel media hosting program.
  •  Destination Stewardship Manager: Jody Kirk (she/her) 
    250.800.7380 ext. 104
    Contact Jody to: Inquire about destination management and development efforts, research and planning & support for new tourism experiences.
  • Visitor & Member Services Manager: Jess Mcgarry (she/her)
    250.800.7380 ext. 107
    Contact Jess to: Discuss Visitor Centre operations, arrange a familiarization tour of your business, learn about the Current Vacancies system, update website listings, list and promote your event through the online events calendar, request visitor information and apply for Visitor Centre employment.
  • Visitor Services Supervisor: Katie Bilodeau (she/her)
    250.800.7380 ext. 107
    Contact Katie to: For Visitor Services information and assistance with guest bookings and inquiries.


Tourism Tofino’s mandate is to deliver sustainable growth for our members that contributes economic and social benefits for our community. We do this with destination branded marketing, visitor servicing and engagement, experience enhancement and development and destination development and management initiatives.

To become a Tourism Tofino member, you must first be a member of the Tofino-Long Beach Chamber of Commerce in a tourism-oriented membership category.   There is no additional fee for your Tourism Tofino membership.   Once your membership is confirmed your business will be linked directly to travel inquiries generated by our marketing and visitor servicing activities. These activities include targeted advertising, social media marketing, search engine optimization, travel-oriented editorial and visitor inquiry fulfillment.

Membership benefits include:
• one business listing and link on (600,000+ annual unique sessions)
• connection to Tourism Tofino’s social media audience (150,000+ followers across platforms)
• Visitor Centre racking for a 4″ x 9″ brochure (60,000 visitors yearly)
• Visitor Centre referrals
• use of the current vacancies website tool (accommodations and activities/tours)
• event listing on
• access to visitor welcome and education tools
• access to tourism research
• connection to tourism industry information through Tourism Tofino’s ‘Tourism Community News’ blog
• Not-for-Profit Tourism Members receive 8 hours per year of visitor centre meeting room booking time ($200 value).
• *voting rights for Tourism Tofino
• *ability to run for the Tourism Tofino Board of Directors
*Available to members situated within the Clayoquot Sound Region only

For more information email Jess McGarry  or  call 250.800.7380 ext.107


grants & funding

Tourism Tofino offers marketing support to events and festivals that increase non-peak season visitation, length of stay, visitor yield, and return trips, while aligning with the guiding principles in the District of Tofino's Event Strategy. This grant program is called the Tourism Tofino Marketing Support program, or TTEMS:

The District of Tofino also supports events and festivals with the Event Support Grant. This grant supports existing and new events and festivals that meet the goals of the Tofino Resort Development Strategy and values of the Arts, Culture and Heritage Action Plan. Up to a maximum of $2500 is available to eligible applicants.

industry news

Our Industry News Blog allows us to provide you with timely information about Tourism Tofino’s activities, tourism trends, statistics and more.

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For other Tofino employment opportunities visit:

social media policy

This notice has been written to explain how the Tofino Destination Management Association, doing business as Tourism Tofino, interacts with the public on social media platforms. 

Interacting with us on social media 

 We use our social media accounts as a method of sharing information about tourism experiences in and around Tofino, and events potentially affecting travel to and from Tofino, and a way of interacting with travellers and residents. By following and/or engaging our social media accounts (by “following,” “liking” or “subscribing”), you can expect to see information about tourism experiences and events in Tofino. 

 We understand that the web is a 24/7 medium, and your comments are welcome at any time. You should expect to see responses from our team posted most often between 9:00 a.m. PT and 5:00 p.m. PT. Comments submitted after hours will be read and responded to as soon as possible. 

We welcome and encourage open dialogue on our social media channels. Posts and comments on Tourism Tofino’s social media channels will not be moderated before they appear. However, we reserve the right to review, edit and/or delete any comments we deem as inappropriate use, including content of the following nature: 

  • Comments not relevant to the topic of the Tourism Tofino post on which the comment was made  
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  • Messages that we feel will not contribute to constructive flow of conversation or dialogue. Violation of these terms of engagement may result in deleted/hidden comments 


To inquire with any questions regarding our social media policy, please contact us.