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Paddle through the glassy tourmaline-green waters of Tofino Inlet. Weave between islands and islets within Clayoquot Sound UNESCO Biosphere Region. Embark on a guided, multi-day camping adventure, propelled by your paddling. Ocean travels by kayak make memories here.

Cruise past rocky shorelines dotted with sea stars. You might spot curious harbour seals popping their heads out of the water, or have a picnic on an island cove. Kayaking around Tofino awakens your senses. 

Did you know?

Rockweed, the yellow-coloured brown algae that grows near the low tide line, has a UV-protectant property in its slime because it is often exposed in the intertidal zone. Probably not enough to replace your sunscreen though! 

Get on board

Let us guide you toward the kayak experience that is right for you. 

Group getting ready to leave Tofino Harbour by kayak for their adventure

Your first paddle

New to kayaking? A 2.5-hour Tofino Harbour tour is offered by most outfitters. This is a good introduction to kayaking, with helpful instruction and plenty of pauses between paddling for you to take in this new perspective of Tofino from the water.

People in a tandem kayak in a calm inlet with other paddlers in the background

Tandem kayak

Not feeling ready to paddle on your own? Enjoy the experience together in a tandem kayak. Sit one in front of the other, working as a team to roam shorelines. Perks: take a break and let your teammate keep you moving.

Kayaks lined up on the beach at Cow Bay on Flores Island with people relaxing to the side of them

Dynamic duo

Combining kayaking with another activity is a recipe for the ultimate adventure. Paddle to Meares Island and the Big Tree Trail. Embark on a challenging multi-day trip culminating in a Hot Springs Cove soak. Boat to a remote inlet in Clayoquot Sound and then navigate further into the coves and back eddies by kayak. These trips make for lifelong memories.

Embark on your journey

Paddle in a single or a double kayak. Being at water level offers a new perspective for wildlife viewing and is the perfect active, yet laid-back excursion. 

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