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Join Friends of Clayoquot Sound for the 2019 Clayoquot Salmon Festival, August 31 – September 7.

Salmon play an integral role for coastal livelihoods, cultures, and ecosystems in Clayoquot Sound. And they lead incredible lives, starting in fresh water then migrating to the ocean. Salmon stay at sea for years before their homing instincts guide them back to the fresh water systems to reproduce. Celebrating this magnificent species is what inspires Friends of Clayoquot Sound to organize the annual Clayoquot Salmon Festival!

There will be a variety of events, with something for everyone.  The festival aims to offer residents and visitors an opportunity to reflect upon, and build an active appreciation for, the irreplaceable value of salmon in Clayoquot Sound. At least 137 different species depend on the marine-rich nutrients that wild salmon provide. Millions of people around the Pacific rely on salmon as a healthy and reliable source of protein.

To stay up to date with location specifics, participating businesses, and updates, please check the festival website www.focs.ca/salmonfestival or Clayoquot Salmon Festival on Facebook.



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