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Join us at the Maq Pub to be thrown back to the best era, 80’s themed party!

80’s tunes all night. Velour tracksuits optional.

Big hair, leg warmers, leotards, cutoff shirts, velour tracksuits, breakfast club, tears for fears, headbands, mullets, queen, 3rd base, The Cure, velour tracksuits, Tainted Love, pretty in pink, slap bracelets, short shorts, Russian villains, gremlins, back to the future, parachute pants, dirty dancing, blondie, ghostbusters, fanny packs, male ponytails, overalls, velour tracksuits, shoulder pads, ferris buellers day off, spandex, ripped knees, neon, muscle tees, perms.


URGENT Update: Travelling to Tofino during COVID-19


Updated Highway 4 Road Closure Schedule at Kennedy Hill