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Aerial Eelgrass Monitoring: A public talk with Luba Reshitnyk

Thursday, May 31

At Darwin’s Cafe, in the Tofino Botanical Gardens
$5. at the door

Nearshore habitats are dynamic and crucial to healthy coastal ecosystems. And with thousands of kilometers of coast, there is a lot of BC for which we lack data!  The Hakai Institute is invested in improving our knowledge of where these habitats are and how they are changing.  Luba’s talk will focus on the ongoing mapping work happening at Hakai, focusing on mapping nearshore habitats (and other fun things!)  A night of pictures, videos, and maps.

Hailing from her tide-free childhood in Eastern Ontario, Luba Reshitnyk joined the Hakai Institute in 2014 after finishing her MSc with the Marine Protected Research Group at UVic.  Her work focuses on using geospatial technologies (e.g. drones, satellite imagery and sonar) to map nearshore habitats such as kelp and seagrass.  She lives in Victoria with her partner, Shawn, and her three-legged side kick, Cassie.


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