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6th Annual Bruhwiler Kids Surf Classic

REGISTER HERE: http://www.bruhwilerkidsclassic.com/registration.html

A day at the beach, dedicated to all the mini hardcore Canadian surfers who brave the cold water because they love to surf!

The FREE, fun, and competitive event showcases the youngest Canadian surfers who brave the cold waves for their love of surfing. They are committed to fun times and learning how to shred harder. Some of them just want to be in the water with their friends. Many of them love to compete and thrive from the excitement of a day at the beach with friends, spectators, sponsors and their families! For ages 0-18.

The 6th Annual Bruhwiler Kids Surf Classic will run as a one day event in Tofino, using a classic heat/judging panel format for the competitive divisions and a non judged ‘expression session’ event for the kids who are not interested in competing but still want to be part of the fun. Divisions include Open Expression Session (everyone wins!), 12 and Under Division, 14 and Under Division and a 18 and Under Division. It’s all about the kids and celebrating surfing in our community and in Canada.

Register online www.bruhwilerkidsclassic.com Equipment will be offered to kids who don’t have their own.

Preregistration is mandatory and limited.

If you are interested in participating, sponsoring, or volunteering for the event or would like more info, please feel free to contact us at  contest@tofinopaddlesurf.com. This is a free event and any support would be greatly appreciated.

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Remember to walk, bike or carpool to the event!


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