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Compost Teas & Garden Brews at the Tofino Botanical Gardens

Learn to make the best use of your compost with Connie Kuramoto of Gardens-on-the-Go. This workshop will cover building a compost bin, making rich and fertile compost, and creating compost tea blends of beneficial microbes.

Also, we will learn to make low cost mineral-rich fertilizer from local weeds and seaweeds. All of these teas and blends will improve your garden dramatically to grow the best crop yet!

Cost is $20. Purchase tickets online to be added to the draw for a special gift!! Be sure to bring 3 x 500 ml bottles (glass or plastic) so that you may bring some of these special brews home to add to your garden.

Special thank-you to the District of Tofino for supporting the Grow Local Garden Workshop series, and to Tofino Botanical Gardens for hosting the space to hold the workshop.


URGENT Update: Travelling to Tofino during COVID-19


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