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Raincoast Education Society Speaker Series: Part 4 of a 5-part series


with DFO research biologist Sheena Majewski

Thursday, February 21st, 7:00 pm

Ecolodge Classroom @ Tofino Botanical Gardens (1084 Pacific Rim Hwy)

$5 at the door

Seals and sealions are some of the most familiar marine mammals in our waters, yet they are also some of the most misunderstood. Join Sheena Majewski, Research Biologist with Fisheries and Oceans Canada, for an in-depth look at the biology, ecology, and population trends of pinnipeds in BC. What can we learn about the health of our oceans from these incredible creatures? Why are some populations increasing while others are decreasing? Where do pinnipeds fit into the big picture as predators and prey? Come and find out!


Raincoast Speaker Series

2019 RAINCOAST SPEAKER SERIES:  “Predator Prey” a 5 part series

Whether your interests lie in landing a tyee, or orca ID (or maybe just plankton taxonomy), as a westcoaster, chances are you are involved and engaged when it comes to marine matters, and here is a chance to get informed too! The Raincoast Education Society is proud to present the 2019 edition of our Raincoast Speaker Series – this year’s theme is “Predator and Prey”. From copepods to killer whales and everything in between, come out and join some of BC’s leading scientists to learn more about the key players in the marine food web, how they interact amongst each other, and what it all means for us. Whether you are keen on learning more about the biology and ecology of the species whose home we share, or looking to get some perspective on the politics of stock assessment (or maybe just brushing up on your plankton taxonomy), this series is guaranteed to please, and we can’t wait to sea you there! New this year is the Raincoast Speaker Series punchcard! Attend all five talks to be entered in a draw for an amazing prize!


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