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The Hatch is presenting its second Improv Night! Comic Tofitian players will introduce you to one of the funniest games of all time.

Two teams of 4 players will face each other in a humorous improv game inspired by hockey. Players are dressed in hockey jerseys and the stage is their ice rink. A referee chooses at random a topic that the participants must act out. The teams are given 20 seconds for a preparatory caucus to decide how to play the scene. After the scene, the audience votes for the winner. A referee can also subtract points from a team’s score if members break the improvisational theatre rules. If a team protests a judge’s decision, the judge must justify his or her decision.

The audience can also boo decisions they don’t like! At times, audience members will be selected to participate at random and might be selected to join in a team in the future! Caucuses and breaks will be filled with groovy tunes by Dj Wave Dalton.

Bulletin Effective: February 4 - February 23

Highway 4 has scheduled a 24 hour road closure between 11am Saturday, February 22 and 11am Sunday, February 23.