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Live Music event at the Maq Pub featuring DJ Jess Rabbit

Sunday December 9, 2018

Dj Jess Rabbit’s passion for music started at a young age growing up in the 90’s listening to the hip hop of that era. That’s where her love for beats was formed and grew to wanting to make people dance through electronic music. ”At the core, everything is made up of vibrations. If I can get everyone united through music and dance at a party, I’ve done my job as a DJ. I’ve created the vibe, and that’s where my passion lies”

Her focus now for what she brings to the table when mixing a set is an eclectic mashup of samples from funk, swing, and soul music with a modern bass driven beat, and of course hip hop riffs and classic sing along throw backs sprinkled on top.  Come check out her live show and see why DJ Jess Rabbit is making waves on the west coast.



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