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Main Street Gallery presents the dramatic art works of Vancouver Island artist ​Pieter Molenaar.
Main Street Gallery @ Tofino Sea Kayaking, 320 Main Street, Tofino, BC
August 15 – September 15, 2017, daily from 8am to 8pm


Pieter Molenaar is an internationally known Canadian West Coast artist transplanted from The Netherlands. Molenaar admires the Old Dutch Masters, and this is reflected in his style—his colours are rich and his tones evocative. Molenaar’s paintings reflect a brooding, pensive, and compelling atmosphere that is most obvious in his scenes of pending storms in rural settings, roiling waves of seascapes, and slanting light down city streets. He uses oil exclusively since it allows him such a broad scope of expression.

Since coming to Canada in 1979, Molenaar has continued to paint and show his work internationally. When asked from what he draws inspiration, Molenaar replies that memory, photographs, and paying attention to the world around him supply him with all the subject matter he needs. In a style that blends realism and impressionism, Pieter Molenaar uses dramatic colours, contours, and brushwork to enhance scenes from the West Coast, the Prairies, and The Netherlands. He creates a unique and intelligible impression of his subjects, which is much appreciated by those who admirer and collect his work.

Pieter Molenaar