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Explore opposing elements in abstraction and how formal contradictions contribute to the making of compelling works of art with artist instructor, Sara Robichaud. Through studying the elements of design, looking at art history, contemporary art and speaking about her own work, Sara will shed a light on these polarities and help you to gain an understanding into how they function. Experiment with light / dark, positive / negative, thin / thick, atmospheric / hard-edge, movement / stasis, neutrality / saturation and matte / gloss. Try your hand at an array of methods including staining, taping, scraping, glazing and gestural brushwork. Leave the class with a deeper appreciation for abstraction and some of the tools to achieve the art you envision.

Cost: $50 (includes all materials)
available at this subsidized rate thanks to Long Beach Lodge Resort

To SIGN UP ultramarineartsupply@gmail.com or come by the store


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