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Are you looking to improve your SUP surf skills and stay competitive for the upcoming SUP surfing contest in Tofino? Or looking to really dial in your wave reading, catching waves and bigger turns? Join T’ashii in the mornings for SUP Surfing, Oct 15 through until Oct 18, 2018 followed by a video feedback session in the evening. More info here.

When:  Monday, Oct. 15 through until Thursday, Oct. 18.

How it works: Join T’ashii Paddle School instructors Emre Bosut and Glen Pearson for 3 hour morning SUP surf coaching sessions. This is a Paddle Canada Level 2 skills course structured for intermediate to advanced paddle surfers. Receive hands-on instruction in the surf during the half of the session, video shot from the beach during the second half with an evening follow up session to go over video footage at 7pm.

We’ll focus on the nuances of catching waves and working on wave riding and turning skills. We will choose surf locations that provide the flexibility to learn without being around crowds. Video recording will be provided for part of the session.

Times and Location: Meet every morning, from Monday, Oct 15 through Thursday, Oct 18 at 8:30am. On the water from 9am to 11am.
Meeting at the T’ashii SUP shed at Jamie’s Rainforest Inn (1258 Pacific Rim Hwy)

Pricing & Equipment:
$60/person for the day – Click here to signup for a single session 
$200/person for 4 days.

Board/Paddle rental: $80 (Rental only during the sessions, for all 4 sessions)
Wetsuit rental: $40 (Rental only during the sessions, for all 4 sessions)
*Please send us an email (info@tofinopaddle.com) after you’ve signed up, if you’d like to rent for all 4 sessions, include height, weight and shoe size

After the course is complete, participants will receive a Paddle Canada SUP surfing Level 1 or 2 Skills certification.



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