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The Reception will be September 5 from 7-9pm at Main Street Gallery @ the Tofino Sea Kayaking Shop, 320 Main Street, Tofino.

The show runs from September 4th – October 3rd, 2018.

A bit about Melanie MacLeod:


From the time I can remember I doodled, chopped and hacked at things, messed and cleaned-up and generally wanted to try my hand at anything, especially in a creative and colorful format. I was fortunate to have been raised on a farm on the West coast of Canada, as well as a second homestead on the sea on Cape Breton Island. The second of five children, never ending forests and oceans nearby seemed to surround us; a place to play, learn to work, imagine and get overly involved with nature; much rich inspiration. I truly feel I have been tied to the ocean and the trees.

My approach to life is… the art of living …and somehow I have been given an extraordinary privilege, which I could never take for granted. The textures, hues and movement, all richly inspirational are also provoked by my amazing family and friends, the human side of nature; I have been superbly blessed; if only enough time in a simple life allowed for the expression of it all. For near 40 years, rattling around the seasides, forests and fringes of this extraordinary place we call the Sound, has delivered colors and form that play with my imagination…..shorelines and seascapes ride prevalent. Living offshore in an alternative lifestyle, allows for longer winter months in an artistic mindset; quietude, sometimes crashing and soft surf, as well as whipping winds and trees often a guide. My deep passion for gardening exist often in my themes, as well.

My signature is not hugely present, except on my paintings which is found in the form of Lanie in one corner or another, my childhood and adult name, used by family, always encouraging of my art.

Whether carving sculpture, utilitarian pieces or splashing paint around a canvas, I hope to impart the joy of my creating them onto those who take the time to feel them as I do. I believe that people who are touched by art, should touch art.


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