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A SUP surf competition, for the fun of it!

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Open Women
Open Men
Mixes Masters ( 45 +)
Women’s Big Board
Mens Big Board

*Big Board Division*
+ 30 litres board:person
Bigger boards/longboarding
Judging criteria based on standard SUP surfing criteria with emphasis on both on a ‘short board’ and ‘ longboard’ style manoeuvres criteria

*Open Division Judging Criteria*
Judges analyze the following major elements when scoring waves.

Commitment and degree of difficulty

Speed, power and flow

Commitment of major maneuvers

Variety of maneuvers

Innovative and progressive maneuvers

Effective use of the paddle

The emphasis of certain elements is contingent upon the location and the prevailing conditions. Riders should attend the official briefing before the start of the contest; during this time the judges will give more detailed guidelines. The full judging guidelines will be made available at this time. Riders are strongly urged to read, understand and ask questions to ensure that they know how they are being evaluated.

The following score bands will be used to describe a ride that is scores:

0-1.9 = Poor

2.0-3.9 = Fair

4.0-5.9 = Average

6.0-7.9 = Good

8.0-10 = Excellent

A surfer must demonstrate board handling skills in the transition phase [description below] and the surfing phase [description below] of their performance, for it to be considered complete.

A surfer must perform radical controlled maneuvers, using the paddle as a key tool, in the critical sections of a wave with speed, power and flow to maximize scoring potential. Innovative / progressive surfing as well as variety of repertoire [maneuvers], wave negotiation and use of the paddle to increase the intensity of the maneuvers, will all be taken into account when awarding points for SUP surfing.

The SUP surfer who executes these criteria with the maximum degree of difficulty and commitment on the waves will be rewarded with the higher scores.

For StandUp Paddle Surfing [SUP] a wave is deemed to be begun, when in the opinion of the judges, the rider is no longer solely under paddle power but rather has harnessed and begun to be carried along by the power of the wave

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