Annie Rose is all of two months old, but true to being a Tofitian (i.e. a resident of Tofino), she already owns a distinctive “How did you come to Tofino” series of events.

Annie’s story begins with the Clayoquot Oyster Festival, a weekend extravaganza honouring our favourite bivalve.  Over 50,000 gallons of oysters are harvested in Clayoquot Sound yearly.  Shellfish-loving volunteers have been highlighting this local delicacy since 1997 with a festival which has now blossomed to a destination weekend, attracting visitors to mingle, learn about and sample over 8,000 oysters in the space of a few days.  Inquisitive minds can visit an oyster farm on a morning boat ride.   Then, there are the nocturnal signature events, both with heaps of oysters waiting to be consumed raw, sauteed, deep fried…  That’s a lot of zinc.  The Mermaid’s Masquerade showcases outlandish sea-themed costumes and a legendary slurping contest, while the Oyster Gala hosts the heated competition between Tofino chefs for the best oyster dish, as well as a chef-farmer oyster shucking relay.

The festival’s recent tagline, “Keeping Tofino’s Population Growing Since 1997” has become an outright endorsement for the aphrodesiac properties of the oyster – and of the festivities.  Tagline creator and festival coordinator Bobby Lax made the most productive of acquaintances at the November 2012 festival, followed by Annie Roses’ prompt arrival on September 5, 2013.  Only in Tofino, kids.  Only in Tofino.  Annie will be making an appearance during the festival this year, dressed up in what will certainly be the first of many oyster-themed costumes throughout her life.  Here’s to the humble oyster, stormy November weekends and the celebration (and potential creation of) life at the Clayoquot Oyster Festival, this November 13-16th!


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