1/4    Culture, Cuisine and Comfort in the Wilderness

Tofino’s all grown up these days, providing as many luxuries as you’d expect from any big city getaway, with the enormous benefit of being nestled oceanside in the midst of breathtaking Clayoquot Sound. And do breathe deeply while you’re there. Fill your lungs with briny ocean air or cedar-scented rainforest mist. If nothing else, the air will get your appetite going for both food and adventure – and there’s plenty of both in Tofino.

Tofino used to be BC’s secret spot, our wilderness getaway at the very edge of Canada. And while it’s technically still a small town, its stunning location and mellow lifestyle have attracted enough top talent over the decades to turn the tourism tide. Bohemian earth-children and Kombi camper vans have been replaced by world-class chefs, luxury accommodations, and unparalleled outdoor adventures. In a town with a permanent population that’s under 2,000, this region annually attracts about a million visitors. The secret’s definitely out.