While Hot Springs Cove thrives year-round, a winter visit holds a certain magic.  We asked some of our local outfitters to share their tips for an unforgettable experience:
Kaila at Atleo Air has this recommendation for adventurers seeking an overnight trip:
“The most spectacular way to see Hot Springs Cove is under the stars!  Fly up and pitch a tent at the campsite.  Then, watch the sunset and relax in the steam of your own natural spa as the stars shine brighter than you’ve ever seen them, free of any light pollution.”

Ocean of Ocean Outfitters recalls a memorable trip from a rare “snow day” on our coast:
“We cruised up, surrounded by the magic of falling snow.  After enjoying sea otters and sea lions travelling through the inlets, we were blessed to see a Gray Whale in Sydney Inlet so late in the season.  Snowflakes fell and melted in a periphery around the steamy pools – simply entrancing!”

… and a fun fact for the many romantics we know:  John Forde of The Whale Centre went beyond the usual dinner and movie for his first date with Jennifer Steven – with some time at Hot Springs Cove!  The couple now enjoy the daytrip a few times a year with their two daughters, who always fall asleep on the boat ride back to Tofino after a great deal of fun.  They pack snacks like the Common Loaf Bake Shop‘s beloved cheese buns and donuts from Rhino Coffee House, just a couple of the culinary goodies made in Tofino.

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