Please be advised that effective immediately, a WOLF ADVISORY has been
issued for the ENTIRE LONG BEACH UNIT of Pacific Rim National Park Reserve.

On Tuesday, 11 March 2015, two wolves attacked two dogs that were off leash
at the far end of Wick Beach, near Combers. The incident happened between
10:15 and 10:30 am. One dog did not survive the encounter while the other
is recovering from its injuries. At this time we do not believe there is an
elevated risk to people, however, the risk to pets off leash should be
considered high.

Leading up to this incident was a series of increasingly concerning events
in our region involving wolves starting with several daytime sightings of
bold/unafraid (habituated) wolves along the roadside. This was followed by
the unexplained disappearance of a dog being walked off leash on the
Willowbrae Trail,  followed by two separate attacks on dogs in Ucluelet
over the past couple of weeks.

All sightings of, and encounters with wolves from either yourself or
visitors should be reported ASAP to:

For sightings and encounters within Pacific Rim National Park Reserve can
be reported to 1.877.852.3100

Sightings and encounters within the surrounding communities can be reported
to 1.877.952.7277 (Conservation Officer Service of BC)

Please write these numbers down and keep them handy.

Please help visitors to our area directing them toward important prevention
and safety information such as the “You are in Wolf and Cougar Country”
brochure available at our Park Information Centres and on our website:

Here are a few of the key points to remember:

  •   Keep your pets on leash! (Almost every year in our region we see pets attacked by wolves and cougars – there have been NO recorded attacks on leashed pets!)
  • Check park centres for current information
  • Watch for and respect ‘wildlife warning/advisories’
  • Carry deterrents such as bear spray and marine air horns
  • Never allow a wolf or cougar to approach you – maintain or create space between you
  • Scare away wolves and cougars as soon as you see them – this is best for your safety and the safety of the animals. Wolves and cougars learn from our behaviours. Let’s teach them to avoid people.
  • Keep children close and discuss carnivore safety

Thank you kindly!

Todd Windle
Human-Wildlife Conflict Specialist | Spécialiste, Conflits entre la faune
et les humains
Pacific Rim National Park Reserve | Réserve de parc national Pacific Rim
Parks Canada | Parcs Canada
PO Box 280, Ucluelet, BC  V0R 3A0 | C.P. 280, Ucluelet, C.-B. V0R 3A0
Telephone | Téléphone  250.726.7165 x.227
Facsimile | Télécopieur  250.726.4691
Cellular | Cellulaire 250.266.1735


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