Pacific Rim National Park Reserve has issued a wolf advisory as of Friday, November 4, 2016.

Read this statement, via Pacific Rim National Park Reserve:

While we understand that seeing a wolf in the wild can be a once in a lifetime experience for many of our visitors, we would like to remind everyone that with 800,000 visitors passing through Pacific Rim National Park Reserve annually, that can lead to a lot of human contact for the wolves. Being extremely intelligent and adaptive animals, wolves learn quickly from their experiences with us. If we all work together to help maintain healthy boundaries between wolves and people, we can teach them that approaching people is not within those boundaries. The best things we can do is to prevent wolves from accessing non-natural foods (just as we do with bears), keeping our pets on leash, not approaching them, and deterring any animals that show interest or curiosity around us.

We are all ambassadors for our region including its’ flora and fauna. Let’s be a model of living in harmony with wildlife. Please help by sharing this information with those you meet and talk to.

We are asking for everyone’s assistance in helping us by reporting all observations and encounters with wolves in the park reserve to 250-726-3604.


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