Some storm seasons are…  stormier than others.

After a few years of calm, almost balmy winters, Mother Nature has turned it up again and has been continuing to produce some fine wave and wind action for our viewing pleasure (from a safe distance, of course.)  Being here in person is the best – and wettest – way to experience a Tofino storm.  However, our team has picked some great photos from Tofino visitors and residents on Instagram.  Here they are, with photo credits under the images:

First, how about that view from North Chesterman Beach?


You can call it sea foam.  You can also call it spume.


Stand back and watch the splash!


And after – or before – the storm comes THIS burst of joy.

@todd.byrnes – Chesterman Beach B&B

Another beauty from South Chesterman Beach.  Would you believe that at a very low tide, it’s possible to walk around that rocky outcropping with some beach to spare?


We especially love the green colour of the ocean in this photo.  Hello, sea spray.


Look at that wave!  Great conditions for photography –  but we’ll surf another day.


 Thanks for having a look at these storm season images, and we hope to see you soon!


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