When was the last time you spent any length of time away from your phone? How long did you last?

Sometimes we just need a break and even a tiny one can make all the difference in our mental wellbeing. 2018 has been a wild ride so far for me so I was feeling this more than ever. On top of it my job is one that I have trouble disconnecting from at times. I work in weather. So as long as I’m in British Columbia even when I’m not working I feel like I’m surrounded by my work. I feel the need to document the patch of snow on green grass. To tweet the latest special weather statement. You get the picture…it’s hard to power down.

I could feel the need mounting so I booked an impromptu getaway for my husband Gavin, my dog Stella and myself at Tofino Resort and Marina. 

For me Tofino is the ultimate destination to unplug. It’s also helpful that service is sparing in the area. I actually opted to put my phone on airplane mode for 24 hours. No texts. No emails. No scrolling through social media.

I survived. My phone was merely a camera. I had shut off all external communication. It was fantastic and I couldn’t recommend it more. Here are all the things I experienced during my iPhone boycott…  (to continue, follow this link.)


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