Feast your taste buds on the Melon and Basil Mimosa this Mother’s Day, courtesy Wolf In the Fog!
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Wolf In the Fog Cocktail Melon and Basil Mimosa
Photo by Wolf In the Fog.

Build this cocktail in a Champagne flute with these ingredients:

  • 1 1/2 oz cantaloupe juice*
  • 1/2 oz Aperol
  • 1/4 oz lime juice
  • 3 oz sparkling wine
  • Garnish with fresh basil
*Cantaloupe juice can be store-bought, or made with a home juicer or a blender
This recipe uses the blender method.
  • 250g ripe cantaloup
  • 50g white sugar
  • 50ml water
  • Blend and pass through a fine sieve.

Download + print this recipe: Wolf in the Fog Cocktail – Melon and Basil Mimosa


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