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1165 Cedarwood Place, Tofino, BC

While staying at Crystal Cove Beach Resort, be sure to visit our Bean at the Cove coffee bar where we Proudly Serve Starbucks Coffee, including a full range of specialty drinks, teas, and frappuccinos (seasonally), along with a selection of fresh baked goods.

Guests enjoy a daily, complimentary cup of brewed coffee. We offer a selection of medium or dark drip coffee as well as espresso drinks such as lattes, mochas, americanos, and caramel macchiatos. Throughout the year, we feature seasonal Starbucks drinks, however if coffee is not your thing, try a comforting Teavana tea, a creamy hot cocoa, or cup of steamed milk with a flavour of your choice.


URGENT Update: Travelling to Tofino during COVID-19


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