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Tofino, BC

Creative Tofino was started as a way to share my love of doing things by hand. My sisters and I were born and raised in Tofino. Our father was too. Growing up, Tofino was a very different place than what you see today. It was more a village than a town. The nearest shops were far away so we learned to make or trade things to meet our needs and wants. Our mother made our clothes and taught us to sew. Her blackberry jam is famous. Our father built our home. He’s also a stained-glass artist. Our friends and neighbours are crafters, artists and fishers. We remember our folks trading boat repair services for seafood. In other words, you had to be creative to survive. We learned many of those skills and share those values.

Creative Tofino exists to connect locals and visitors to the handmade traditions we grew up with. We love to learn and share what we know with anyone who wants to take the time to slow down and do it by hand.

Creative Tofino currently offers workshops in embroidery, watercolour painting, sketching and seasonal crafts. Find our current offerings and sign up at


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