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Meet The Girl On A Board Kite Boarding in Port Alberni

Nicole Christine Eden, a local to BC is the Owner and Manager of Girlonaboard Kite School. She is also a Yogi, Mommy, and Kite Instructor. After completing her BBA honors degree she started her career in Finance. After 10 years of working towards becoming a specialist in Financial Planning she realized that her dream included being closer to nature and to have more time for friends and family. Following this dream she took her savings and bought into a kite school in Baja California Sur. She learned the ropes of the kite business with her business partner. After achieving a level 2 head instructor status she opened her own school with a mission to be more than a kite school. 

“The Girlonaboard Team is here to empower men and women through sport. And we have a strong desire to give back to the communities we work in. For example, in Mexico we opened a day care and provide a good working environment for the local women through a bonus system from profits generated through the kite school as well as schedule that they make so in essence the women that work with us are their own bosses. In Canada we are just starting a few incentives that will help to develop tourism in China Creek. The message we want to express here is that this is one of the best kite spots in BC. I hope to be a part of Port Alberni becoming a kite mecca.