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Trilogy Fish Store Dock, Tofino, BC



West Coast Passionate! That is what we are. Passionate about filling the cooler with your limit of fish or stopping to watch a whale breach. Let us share our passion, our experience, our stories, and hospitality to create a memory that will last a life time.

– Safe

– Comfortable

– Professional Service

– Transport Canada Certified Vessels and Masters

– Large Deep Sea Cruisers

– Heated Interior/2 Heads

– Large or Small Groups

– Up to 12 Guests


Pricing Information

      Private Charters                              Shared Charters

1-2 passengers $120/hr                   $149.95 per person

    3 passengers $130/hr                       4 hour trip time

    4 passengers $140/hr                7am and 1pm departures

    5 passengers $150/hr

    6 passengers $160/hr

    7 passengers $170/hr

    8 passengers $180/hr

    9 passengers $190/hr

  10 passengers $200/hr