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#3 381 main street, Tofino, BC

Petrichor Hair workshop is for stylists who thrive and grow within their craft.  Our approach to hair styling is modern and precise.  We use the highest quality environmentally sustainable products and practices, such as Kevin.Murphy, Daviness, Olaplex and Cezanne. We are part of the green circle, environmentally sustainable salon group. We believe in giving our planet the same opportunity to stay beautiful, as we do our clients!

We LOVE weddings! more over, we love styling weddings! Petra has been lucky to be a wedding stylist here in Tofino for the past ten years. With her experience we have come to a realization, as much as we are wildly skilled stylists, products can make or break a hair style. At PHW we have invested in the most effective, natural and ethical styling products, KEVIN.MURPHY and DAVINES hair care. The combination of our experience and high quality, sustainable product, not only makes all hair look amazing, it also will make your hair style last through all the kisses, dances and the odd bit of Tofino beach fog.