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1180 Pacific Rim Highway, Box 1188, Tofino, BC

Our philosophy at Cedar & Rose is to support and encourage healthy evolution. We are excited to embark on our own next phase as Cedar & Rose lifestyle salon strives to provide you with soulful nourishment for both your physical and spiritual body.

In the spirit of collaboration, we have built a new connecting door between Cedar & Rose and Coastal Bliss Yoga to further create culture and community between the two spaces. The synergy between the salon and the yoga studio and our west coast lifestyle has existed almost since its inception.

This lifestyle hub allows Rhonda Lily to fuse her two passions: Hair & Beauty and Yoga. Rhonda Lily has been teaching at Coastal Bliss Yoga since 2016.

  • West Coast Weddings
  • Hair & Beauty
  • Tattoo Art
  • Blissful Yoga

Travelling to Tofino during COVID-19 – Please review this information before you plan