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Surf Club Adventure Centre

The Surf Club Adventure Centre at Long Beach Lodge offers luxurious spa-like facilities for our guests & is home to our surf school, paddleboard (SUP) school, & Marine Adventures.

Long Beach Lodge Resort’s Surf Club Adventure Centre is a one-of-a-kind facility, a first in Canada, and it has set a new standard for the surfing world. This facility offers professional, customized surf and stand up paddleboard (SUP) lessons, full equipment rentals and spa-like amenities including: change rooms, showers, hot pool and sauna.

The Surf Club Adventure Centre is located just across the parking lot from the Lodge. Come and sip on a latte or cappuccino and check out all of the great stuff in the Gift Shop. The shelves are stocked up with a great selection of  t-shirts and outerwear as well as unique, local specialty items including jewelry and bath products.


Additional Information


Private Lessons

9am, 12:30pm,and 3:30pm (SUMMER)

10:00am, and 2:00pm (WINTER)

1 on 1  customized private surf  lessons are $189 ,which includes 2.5 hour s with a certified instructor and surf rentals for the remainder or the day. 

  • $79 to add another person to the lesson
  • Max 5 people ages 13 and up

Surf Camps

The Surf Camps are $260 per person ,and is run over 2 days.

Day 1 We start our morning at 8:30 in the Surf Club with some warm drinks and a light breakfast on the first day. We will go over some short power points while we eat introducing the instructors and what the itinerary is for the Surf Camp. Then we had to the beach for a 2.5 hour lesson. Rentals are free to use for the remainder of the day.

Day 2  Meet at the surf club for warm drinks at 8:30 . We start our day by going over and reviewing the skills taught on day 1 ,then after all questions answered we out to the best beach to practice and build on our skills  for 2.5 hours. When we return we will meet in our Great Room for a family style lunch to finish up the surf camp. Rentals are free to use for the day.

Stand up Paddleboard Lesson

We offer a 2.5 hour basic flat water introductory lesson. Lessons held at Mckenzie beach , or the Inlet.

$129 per person. 

  • Lessons held at Mckenzie beach , or the Inlet.
  • rentals to use for the remainder of the day.
  • Minimum of 3

Group/Open Lessons

6am, and 6pm (June-September)

Open to all ages 13 and up. Great way to meet new people and share the same amazing new experience.

  • $99 per person
  • Minimum of 3
  • Rentals for the day.
  • 6am,or 6pm


When renting surf gear from the surf club you also get full access to our luxurious spa like facilities. Warm dry changing rooms, fitness center, hot showers, hot tub, and sauna! We are just steps away from the beach so you don’t have to load your car with any wet gear or board’s .It’s that easy!

9:00 am – 4:30 pm each day winter (October-May)

8:00 am – 4:30 pm each day summer (June-September)

Per day :

$30 Wetsuit

$30 Surf Board

$49 High performance board

$39 SUP (board and paddle)

$30 Body Board

$20 Skim Board

$5 Hood/Gloves/Booties

$5 Tie downs/ roof racks