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Made In Tofino by locals from local cedar – Adirondack Chairs in Kit – Worldwide Shipping – Easy Take Home

Tofino Cedar Furniture specializes in Adirondack Furniture. We have created a line of Adirondack chairs, rockers, tables and footrests that can be shipped worldwide in a flat pack kit. The Adirondack chair design evolved over several years until we achieved the perfect ergonomic chair, with a curved seat and back, seven-inch-wide arms and just the right back angle for comfort. It is comfortable and elegant, yet strong enough to be used in commercial establishments for years.

At Tofino Cedar Furniture we strive to bring you the best quality western red cedar furniture available. Each hand-crafted piece of furniture reflects our respect for the environment. We feel it is important to preserve coastal forests and to limit our carbon footprint, so our wood comes from number one grade, salvaged western red cedar, cut to our specification at a local sawmill.

Visit our Shop and Show Patio, have a seat and try out our Furniture on site and see for yourself how we make our Adirondack Chairs at Industrial Way 671 – Unit 6.

A true Made in Tofino Product