Suite 112 – 605 Gibson St., Tofino , BC


We love a good cup of coffee.

We love mornings, early, the space that opens up before the noise of the day.

We love to feel awake in our days, to the magic of ocean vastness, to the weight of ourselves felt barefoot on sand, our children rock clambering and joyful.

We love connecting to the energy of this place where weʼve lived over 25 years of life between us.

We love to take time to play, to be a family, to do something well and to know something deeply. This is how we approach our coffee roasting and how we create our blends.

We love to know that our beans are grown with love in small farmer owned cooperatives and that the earth is respected.

We love small because it means something is done with care. We roast in small batches and always will.

We love a good cup of coffee.

Michael and Sarah