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220 Campbell St, Tofino, BC

Tofino Licks uses the finest ingredients, locally sourced toppings, and fresh sauces to bring you an unforgettable ice-cream experience.

Our imported Italian soft serve vanilla ice-cream and frozen yogurt is made in the shop using local BC organic milk. Tofino Licks also provides a dairy-free option with our decadent dark chocolate sorbet.

Tofino Licks collaborates with restaurants and cafes from around town for a truly locally sourced product. Whether it’s Tacofino’s Diablo Cookie, Sobo’s famous key lime pie or any one of our delicious toppings, Tofino Licks gives you a taste of the best treats Tofino’s world-class culinary scene has to offer. Top that with fresh sauces made in-house and you have a unique ice-cream experience you’ll want to tell your friends about. Come try a LICK today!!

Bulletin Effective: January 23 - January 25

⚠️Highway 4 at Kennedy Hill is reopen to essential travel only (in passenger vehicles & light pick-ups) between 8:00am and 12:00pm (Noon) on Saturday, Jan. 25. After this, the road will be closed in order to install a bridge. Thank you for postponing your travel to Tofino this weekend.