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Tofino Resort & Marina 634 Campbell St. , Tofino, BC

Tuff City Charters is a boat charter company unlike any other on Canada’s west coast. Yes, we offer salmon and halibut fishing, bear and whale watching – but that’s only part of the experience. Tuff City Charters offers full day on-the-water and on-the-beach experiences encompassing, fishing, crabbing & prawning, sightseeing, beachcombing, hot-tubbing and – above all – cooking and eating fresher-than-fresh seafood in a spectacular outdoor setting. We are a “cooking adventure” company, and the west coast’s only wood fire cookery.

Every one of our charters will be hosted by a knowledgeable and experienced transport Canada certified skipper and an open fire grill master trained in the art of open grill cooking (asador).  We use flavorful hardwoods – like oak, maple, birch and hickory – in the preparation of our delectable seafood dishes. The wood fire grilling or open pit fire cooking will be Argentine style “parrilla” cooking over open flames using simple ingredients. Everything is cooked by fire to perfection – simple yet inspiring.  Often, the list of ingredients is short consisting of olive oil, herbs, vinegar and lemon juice. All our dishes are rustic and inspired by fire.