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Tofino, BC

We are founded on five generations of foraging and wild food preparation. This family tradition provided us with the knowledge to become one of Canada’s leading purveyors of wild food. Join Chef Paul Moran on a Forage + Feast package, which includes 4-5 hours of guided foraging, followed up with a feast prepared with the ingredients foraged from the day, along with other wild foods from the surrounding area and organic produce. Depending on the season and tides, you can find an amazing array of gourmet wild foods sought after by epicures all over the planet. You will learn how to identify and differentiate choice edibles from non-edibles. Learn about the history and reproduction, ideal growing conditions and experience gathering your own food in a supernatural environment. There is so much to see and learn as we have hundreds of types of mushrooms, seaweeds, tidal plants, berries as well as many types of shellfish in the area. As we work with nature, seasons, tides and weather, no day is ever the same, however one thing that remains consistent is having an amazing experience.

If you would prefer to enjoy a piece of the wild at home with you, Wild Origins delivers rare, natural 100% Canadian dried wild foods to your doorstep or local grocery store. We provide easy step-by-step recipes, photos and videos to inspire your culinary adventure. With Wild Origins, homemade meals will never be the same.


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