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Ahousaht, Flores Island, BC

It’s more than a hike. This seasonal, rustic and sometimes challenging trail offers a window into the cultural history of the Ahousaht First Nations on Flores Island.

Used by the Ahousaht people for thousands of years, Walk the Wild Side Trail is an 11km escape into the remote wilderness of Clayoquot Sound. First restored in the early 1990’s, Walk the Wild Side Trail has developed into must-see ecotourism destination for those visiting Tofino and Ucluelet. Take a tour through the Maaqtusiis reserve and then head out on to the trail with your Ahousaht Heritage Trail guidebook for the ultimate cultural experience!

Flores Island is situated 20 kilometres north of Tofino and can be accessed by a 40 minute water taxi ride or 20 minute seaplane flight. What makes this trail different, aside from its remote location and beaches on which you may be tempted to daydream all day, is that it offers the opportunity to witness the setting of a community that has survived for thousands of years.


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