The BC Ministry of Transportation is conducting a significant upgrade to Highway 4 near Kennedy Lake, with completion expected for Summer 2020.


Visitors are encouraged to check current road conditions and travel delay information before setting out on the drive between Port Alberni and the West Coast (126 kilometers/78 miles along Highway 4) in order to plan travel accordingly.

Current information can be found on these two British Columbia Ministry of Transportation websites:  Drive BC and


What are the expected delays?
  • Travel delays of up to 30 minutes, due to single-lane alternating traffic at the construction site, are expected each day.
  • Complete road closures for 1-3 hour periods overnight are planned (between the hours of 1am-4am, 5am-7am and 10pm-midnight.)
  • It is advised that all travellers along Highway 4 plan to complete the journey before 9:00pm to avoid possible 1-3 hour road closure periods overnight.


Where is the road work taking place?

The project is located adjacent to Kennedy Lake approximately 14 kilometers northeast of the Tofino/Ucluelet Hwy 4 junction. The project starts at the bottom/south end of Kennedy Hill at the TR19 Creek culvert and continues up the hill towards Port Alberni for a distance of approximately 1.5 kilometers.


Will I have cell service?

Cell phone coverage is typically unavailable along most of Highway 4 between Port Alberni and the Tofino/Ucluelet junction.

Are there washrooms along the way?

Washroom facilities along Highway 4 are also intermittent. You will find them at theTaylor Arm pullout and Kennedy River pullout.