The roar of a seaplane taking flight is a quintessential sound in coastal communities throughout British Columbia. In Tofino, it signals the beginning of an adventure.




Clayoquot Sound presents abundant landscapes in every direction. Seeing our beaches, islands, forests, remote First Nations communities and waters from the sky (whale watching is a possibility!) can give a new understanding and appreciation of this area, most of which falls within the Clayoquot Sound UNESCO Biosphere Region.

There are a few ways to enjoy Tofino from the sky. If outstanding photos or video are especially what you’re after, a seaplane flight at sunrise or sunset will usually be the best route to take. A popular way to take in an eagle’s eye view of Tofino and the Sound when planning a daytrip to Hot Springs Cove is to reserve the “Sea to Sky” option, boating up to Maquinna Provincial Park and returning to Tofino on the 20 minute flight.

Flying above Tofino and its vast surrounding area in a helicopter is nothing short of jaw-dropping. This is how to access remote rivers (hello, fly fishing), lakes and beaches, and special spots in mere minutes, with an experienced pilot and guide. Some tours can include a visit to the glacial peaks of Strathcona Park, possibly with a stop to go play in the snow.

If you’re up for it, customized wilderness getaways, including overnight stays, can be planned with our outfitters.

There’s a feeling of giddiness that often comes with a scenic flight and the possibilities it brings. Plan for yours.

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